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The Rebel-Nomads 

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Policy Statement Regarding Band Cancelation Due to Member Illness


The Rebel Nomads, in an effort to ensure that we are doing everything that we can to keep the staff and guests at the various establishments in which we perform as safe as possible, will Cancel any shows when a band member is feeling ill.


While we do not wish to overreact to illnesses – let’s face it the world is a different place. Regardless of whether COVID-19 is perceived to be worse than the flu or a cold, the reality is that when staff becomes ill, it has a negative impact on any business. The Rebel Nomads firmly believe that without these businesses (and their staff and guests), we would not have a business.


Nobody wants to endure any sickness – whether that be a cold, the flu, or COVID-19.

We will ALWAYS give as much notice as possible when we discover that one of our members is ill. At times, (if other members have not been exposed and show no symptoms) and whenever possible, unaffected members may continue to perform at a booked event providing they have no symptoms of illness.


Please note that these actions are for the protection of YOUR STAFF & GUESTS!

We are excited to announce the renaming/rebranding of

The Perrys! With the addition of Nancy Moore to the mix, we are now a Trio - and known as The Rebel-Nomads!

We are excited to have Nancy Moore with us as she brings more top-notch vocals and harmonies to our little group, in addition to a whole host of new material to our goal of "playing a little something for everyone... except rap - we don't do rap." 

Nancy comes to us with decades of experience, performing her whole life in various groups and venues. We are so happy to have found her and have her perform.

We also have a drummer who accompanies us on some of our shows!

Howie Glover comes to us with years of experience playing the drums in a variety of bands since the late 1950s. He started playing in rock and roll bands, and in the 1980s he played in rock and country bands. Today he enjoys playing a wide variety of music on the electronic drums.

We invite you to contact us today regarding your Live Music and Entertainment needs. We would love to perform at your venue!

For Booking Information Please Call or E-mail

Scott Perry 207-344-9451

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